A new species of (type strain, ATCC 27832), is named in honor of Peter Hirsch. The range of cell morphology of this new species overlaps that of species in the genera and . Populations of contain some cells with short appendages, like cells of members of the genus . However, cells that have long appendages characteristic of the genus are also found in the same cultures. Motile cells have single polar to subpolar flagella. Gas vacuoles have not been detected. Either short- or long-appendaged cells can serve as mother cells in bud formation. Slide cultures indicate that a cell of a particular morphological type continues to divide to produce that same morphological type for several generations. The factor(s) that determines which cell type is produced is not presently understood. A variety of organic carbon sources, including formate, methanol, and ethanol, can be used for growth. The generic description is modified to include a greater variety of prosthecal types and the budding form of division, which is a property of all previously described species and the new species of emend.


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