strains Maroc R8A2 (T = type strain), C189, and C3B, corn stunt sp. strain E275, and honeybee sp. strain BC3 all cross-reacted in reciprocal serological tests when an agar double-diffusion system was used. These strains, which are members of group I, did not show any cross-reactions with flower strains BNR1 and PPS1, ( and "") or with the tick-derived organism . Tick sp. strain 277F and honeybee sp. strain AS576 reacted only with antisera prepared against other members of group I. Group III flower spiroplasmas 23-6 and BNR1 and group IV strains PPS1 and SR3 did not react with antisera prepared against isolates outside their own groups. The members of each major group showed close antigenic relatedness to each other but not to strain SMCA, which showed minimal one-way cross-reactions with members of group I. Previous serogrouping results for the strains tested were confirmed by the serological reactions of the organisms in the double-diffusion system.


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