The physiological characteristics of three facultatively chemolithotrophic species with ubiquinone 8 (group II) ( THI 091 [T = type strain] THI 023, and THI 101) were compared. These organisms differ from other facultatively chemolithotrophic strains with ubiquinone 10 (group I) in requiring thiosulfate or elemental sulfur for optimum growth. THI 091, THI 023, and THI 101 are regarded as three distinct species on the basis of their physiological characteristics. THI 091 differs from THI 023 and THI 101 in its lack of motility, its ability to grow anaerobically with nitrate, and its intermediate formation of polythionate during thiosulfate oxidation. THI 023 is distinguished from THI 101 by its ability to grow heterotrophically with a single carbon source. is not on the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names; therefore, this name is revived. In addition, the description of this organism is emended, considering its inability to grow heterotrophically with a single carbon source.


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