A number of recent proposals to change the classification of shigellae were studied by the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of , which recommended adoption of the following proposals: (i) subdivision of serotype 5 into two subserotypes, 5a and 5b; (ii) reduction of the number of serotype 3 subserotypes from three to two; (iii) that sp. provisional serotype 2000-53 is not a , but an ; (iv) that provisional sp. serotypes 3873-50 and 3341-55 be added to the serotyping scheme as serotypes 11 and 12; (v) that provisional sp. serotypes 2710-54 and 3615-53 be added to the serotyping scheme as serotypes 16 and 17; (vi) that Shigella sp. strain E 10163 and similar strains be added to the serotyping scheme as serotype 18; and (vii) that provisional sp. serotype 1621-54 retain its provisional status pending study of additional strains.


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