We used a combination of chemical analysis, seroagglutination, and an enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay to examine the glycolipids of the rapidly growing mycobacteria in order to define the basis of the antigenicity of these organisms. This dual chemical and serological approach established that the typing antigens of subsp. belong to the polar C-mycoside glycopeptidolipid class, the major component of which contains a trisaccharide composed of 3,4-di--methylrhamnose, rhamnose, and 6-deoxytalose. The glycolipid patterns of subsp. and subsp. were identical. The same approach showed that there is no relationship between biovar and biovar The specific lipids of biovar belong to the alkali-stable C-mycoside glycopeptidolipid class and are different from those of subsp. biovar isolates produced three patterns of alkali-labile lipids with features of lipooligosaccharide antigens. Moreover, strains and antisera of biovar and biovar used in combination produced no cross-reactions. Thus, chemical analysis of the type-specific antigens is a powerful adjunct to serology for studying the antigenic relationships among rapidly growing mycobacteria, and our results support the reinstitution of “” as a species distinct from


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