In this note we examine the nomenclature and extend the descriptions of the subspecies of McCoy and Chapin that were proposed by Olsufjev and Meshcheryakova (J. Hyg. Epidemiol. Microbiol. Immunol. :291–299, 1982) but have not been validated by publication or listing in the International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology. Biochemical, pathological, ecological, and geographical characteristics are used to define three subspecies within ; these are subsp. tularensis (McCoy and Chapin) subsp. nov. (type strain, GIEM Schu), subsp. Olsufjev and Meshcheryakova 1982, 296 (type strain, GIEM 503), and subsp. (Aikimbaev 1966) Olsufjev and Meshcheryakova 1982, 296 (type strain, GIEM 543). subsp. includes three biovars, I Ery (erythromycin susceptible), II Ery (erythromycin resistant), and japonica. The now avirulent type strain of McCoy and Chapin (strain B-38 [= ATCC 6223]) is not totally characteristic of subsp. and that is why another type strain is proposed for this subspecies.


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