A comparative serological study was undertaken to clarify the uncertain interrelationships among various bdellovibrios. A total of 17 predacious (hostdependent) strains and 12 nonpredacious strains were serotyped. Strains were grouped into serotypes on the basis of positive agglutination and strongly positive fluorescence cross-reactions. The results of division of the strains into serogroups by these two methods were identical. strain A3.12 and strain UKi were found to be antigenically distinct from each other and from the group of strains comprising the latter was found to be an antigenically heterogeneous group consisting of at least nine serogroups. All nonpredacious strains were found to be related antigenically to their obligately predacious counterparts. An antigen(s) common to all of the strains examined was exhibited as weakly positive fluorescence. Selected strains of were studied by Ouchterlony immunodiffusion, which confirmed the serogrouping results and provided a technically simple method of serotyping. Further immunochemical characterization of the strains of in conjunction with increased knowledge of other differences among strains will likely result in the formation of additional species of


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