The cellular fatty acid compositions of 10 species, two species, three species, , and Were determined by using capillary gas-liquid chromatography (GLC). The major fatty acids in all species and were hexadecenoic, hexadecanoic, and octadecenoic acids. Qualitative and quantitative differences in hydroxy, branched, and cyclopropane fatty acids and in isomers of unsaturated 16- and 18-carbon acids were used to divide the 29 strains belonging to 17 species tested into 13 GLC groups. Of the 13 groups, 10 contained one species, 2 contained two species, and 1 contained three species. All of the cultures were differentiated from (GLC group I) because the concentration of hexadecenoic acid was greater than the concentration of hexadecanoic acid; in , this ratio was reversed. (GLC group II) and (GLC group III) were differentiated from the and species and from because the cultures did not contain 3-hydroxylauric acid. Seven of 10 species, including (GLC group IV), (GLC group V), (GLC group V), (GLC group V), (GLC group VI), (GLC group VII), and (GLC group VIII), contained both -9-hexadecenoic and -11-hexadecenoic acids. These seven species could be differentiated from (GLC group IX), (GLC group XII), (GLC group XIII), (GLC group XIII), (GLC group XI), (GLC group XI), and (GLC group X) because these latter seven species did not contain -11-hexadecnoic acid. The only cultures which contained cyclopropane acids were and one of the two strains of examined. Branched-chain acids were found in all species tested, and their concentrations ranged from less than 1 to 22%. Although the 16 species tested had many similarities in their cellular fatty acid compositions, there were differences which could be used for differentiation of members of this family at the genus and species levels.


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