Deoxyribonucleic acids (DNAs) were isolated and purified from 20 strains of , 6 strains of , 2 strains of , 2 strains of , 2 strains of , 2 strains of , and 1 strain each of , and . The guanine-plus-cytosine contents of the DNAs were determined, and they agreed closely with previous estimates. DNA-DNA hybridization analyses revealed that all of the strains identified as were at least 69% homologous to DNA probes from two strains (strains NCTC 9710 [T = type strain] and Y4). The and strains were homologous to the two probes at levels of 25 to 37%. The DNAs of all strains were homologous to a DNA probe from strain NCTC 5906 at levels of 30 to 39%. The two strains of tested were homologous to the probe at levels of 73 and 77%, indicating a very close relationship between these groups of organisms. strain ATCC 9796 DNA seemed to be homologous to the and probes at low but significant levels (12 to 16%). All of the other strains of haemophili and actinobacilli tested gave 10% or less homology with the three test probes.


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