Strains R1 (type strain) and R2, two new isolates of nonsulfur purple photosynthetic bacteria, were studied. The cells of these organisms were gramnegative nonsporeforming rods that were motile by means of a singleflagellum, and they multiplied by budding. The photosynthetic membrane systems of these strains were of the lamellar type parallel to the cytoplasmic membrane. Cells which formed under anaerobic conditions in the light were red. The cells of these strains contained bacteriochlorophyll , ubiquinone 10, and carotenoids. No vitamins were required as growth factors, and reduced sulfur compounds could not be utilized by strains R1 and R2. These two strains produced molecular hydrogen anaerobically in the light. On the basis of this study, we propose a new species, , for strains R1 and R. The guanine-plus-cytosine contents of the deoxyribonucleic acids of strains R1 and R2 are 67.6 and 69.4 mol%, respectively. The type strain of this new species is strain R1 (= ATCC 33872).


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