We propose that the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on Systematic Bacteriology conserve the genus name with Cross, Maciver, and Lacey 1968 (Approved Lists of Bacterial Names, 1980) as the type species. This proposal is made in the interest of nomenclatural stability and in order to avoid confusion in the literature after the reclassification of the original type species, Lechevalier, Solotorovsky, and McDurmont 1969 (Approved Lists, 1980), as (Lechevalier, Solotorovosky, and McDurmont) Goodfellow and Pirouz 1982 and demonstration of the synonymy of with Krassilnikov and Agre 1964 (Approved Lists, 1980). is the main causative agent of farmer&s lung disease and other forms of hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Consequently, the binomial has been used in numerous scientific and medical publications, whereas appears in few. The genus so conserved would also include Zhukova, Tsyganov, and Morozov 1968 (Approved Lists, 1980) and Agre, Guzeva, and Dorkhova 1974 (Approved Lists, 1980).


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