Ten strains of rapidly growing, non-photochromogenic mycobacteria were isolated from submandibular lymph nodes with tuberculosis-like lymphadenitis of 10 swine. These mycobacteria showed a positive reaction for arylsulfatase activity after 3 days and resistance to NHOH · HCl (0.5 mg/ml) and degraded -aminosalicylate, forming black formazan. These strains were similar to , but differed from this species by lacking nitrate reduction activity, having positive succinamidase activity, and having the ability to utilize benzoate as a sole source of carbon in the presence of ammoniacal nitrogen. These mycobacteria were considered to belong to a new species, sp. nov. The type strain was deposited in the American Type Culture Collection as strain ATCC 33776 (= E10241-1).


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