The known extant plant pathogenic species were analyzed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of their cellular proteins. The patterns of the protein bands of 13 species and a new corynebacterial wheat pathogen showed seven distinct groups. Five of these groups consisted of only one species each, one group contained four species, and the last group contained the new wheat pathogen and the remaining four species. The pathogens that could not be distinguished by the polyacrylamide gel analysis differed in phenotypic characteristics, including pathogenic specificity. Thus, for these bacteria we propose recognition of the following taxa: (Tilford) Dowson, (Mandel et al.), (ex Hutchinson) nom. rev., (ex Scharif) nom. rev., (Smith) Dowson, subsp. (Hedges) Dowson, subsp. (Starr and Pirone) comb, nov., subsp. (Keyworth et al.) comb, nov., subsp. (Saaltink and Maas Geesteranus) comb, nov., subsp. (Smith) Jensen, subsp. (Schuster et al.) comb, nov., subsp. (McCulloch) comb, nov., subsp. (Spieckermann and Kotthoff), comb, nov., and subsp. nov., the type strain of which is strain 78181 (= ATCC 33566 = PDDCC7221).


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