From a study of the so-called bacterial canker of ash, caused by a variant of (Smith) Stevens, it became evident that this variant and the variants of which cause olive knot and oleander knot can be distinguished from one another on the basis of their pathogenicity and host range. All isolates of were recently classified by Dye et al. (Plant Pathol. :153–168, 1980) as members of a single pathovar of van Hall. It appears, however, that these isolates differ sufficiently from the other members of to justify subspecies rank for them. The following classification and nomenclature are therefore proposed: subsp. (ex Smith) subsp. nov., nom. rev., to include the olive pathogen (pathovar ), the ash pathogen (pathovar ), and the oleander pathogen (pathovar ). The type strain of subsp. is ATCC 13522 (= NCPPB 639).


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