The cellular fatty acids of reference strains of most of the currently recognized species of and species were examined. Analysis of fatty acids with chain lengths of over 12 carbons supported the division of the species into two groups. Group I, comprised of contains methyl laurate, methyl palmitoleate, methyl palmitate, methyl oleate, and, often, methyl myristate as principal fatty acids. Group II, represented oy and contains large amounts of a 17-carbon fatty acid with a retention time similar to those of methyl-14, methyl hexadecanoate, methyl heptadecanoate, and, often, methyl stearate in addition to those fatty acids found in group I organisms. The greatest distinction between the two groups was the percentage of major fatty acids with chain lengths greater than 16 carbons. Aminopeptidase activity was most useful in differentiating and had similar aminopeptidase reactions. Pigment profiles were of limited taxonomic value but were useful in differentiating between selected pigmented species.


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