Characterization of the reference strains of avian mycoplasma serovars (serotypes) C, D, F, I, and L, namely CKK (= ATCC 33553 = NCTC 10187), DD (= ATCC 33550 = NCTC 10183), WR1 (= ATCC 33551 = NCTC 10186), 695 (= ATCC 33552 = NCTC 10185), and 694 (= ATCC 33549 = NCTC 10184), respectively, indicates that the serovars are distinct species, and the following names have been suggested for them: , and , respectively. The above-mentioned reference strains are designated as the type strains of their respective species. Further biochemical and serological examination of the properties of also confirm this to be a separate species.


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