Using transmission electron microscopy, we examined the ultrastructures of 13 isolates and 2 reference strains of , 6 isolates of , 6 isolates of , 5 isolates of , 2 reference strains of , 2 reference strains of , 2 reference strains of , and 1 reference strain (VPI 9584) that was originally identified as . All strains were nonflagellated rods that were ultrastructurally distinct from another group of nonflagellated rod-shaped bacteria ( and ). The cells of strains were short rods, each having a single polar flagellum and a characteristic outer membrane covered with a distinctive array of hexagonally packed macromolecular subunits. , and strain VPI 9584 formed a heterogeneous group of monoflagellated rod-shaped bacteria. All of the strains which we examined had cell wall structures compatible with the structures of gram-negative microorganisms. The morphological distinctions among species appeared to be helpful in the identification of similar isolates.


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