The data assembled by Brooks et al. (Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. :627–646, 1980) suggest that the radiation-resistant, red, gram-positive, tetrad-forming cocci exemplified by “” (not on Approved Lists of Bacterial Names [Skerman et al., Int. J. System. Bacteriol. :225–420, 1980]) are a distinct natural group separate from The nomenclature proposed here for these organisms utilizes specific epithets used in the original names of these organisms, which names were made illegitimate by omission from the Approved Lists. One species is added to those named before 1 January 1980. The proposals are as follows:

fam. nov.

gen. nov. (type genus)

nom. nov. (type species)

nom. nov.

nom. nov.

sp. nov.

Species nom. nov. Descriptions of the taxa are provided.


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