In 1961 Aristovskaya described the new hyphal budding bacteria Only a limited amount of information concerning these bacteria was obtained from enrichment cultures, and these cultures no longer exist. In an effort to revive investigations on pedomicrobia, six new iron-depositing strains were isolated from podzolic soils. One of these isolates, strain S-1290 (=ATCC 33119 =DSM 1540), was investigated thoroughly and is cited in the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names as the type strain of Four other isolates (strains P-1196, Q-1197, R-1198, and T-1130) showed sufficient similarity to strain S-1290 to be placed in the same species. The taxonomic position of the sixth isolate, strain F-1225, is not yet certain. One additional isolate, strain E-1129 (=ATCC 33121 =DSM 1545), which deposits manganese, was isolated from a quartzite rock pool. This isolate closely resembles the original description of and is cited in the Approved Lists as the type strain of this species. I present an emended description of the genus and compare the generic properties of with those of other hyphal budding bacteria. To encourage further work on pedomicrobia, I also describe enrichment and isolation procedures for these bacteria. Cultures of all of the new strains are available from the American Type Culture Collection and from the Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen.


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