We performed numerical analyses of 155 strains of rapidly growing, scotochromogenic mycobacteria by two different methods; in one method we used 104 characters, and in the other we used 84 characters. The following taxa appeared as distinct clusters: ” and (names in quotation marks are not on the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names). strains were divided into two subgroups, one consisting of strains isolated in Japan and the other consisting of strains isolated in Rhodesia and strains received from the American Type Culture Collection, including the type strain of (ATCC 14474). We found that there are many species of rapidly growing, scotochromogenic mycobacteria, and we believe that new species should be recognized and named on the basis of at least three strains. The following species appeared to be distinct from all presently named species: “,” and “” However, each of these species was proposed on the basis of only one or two strains. Because of the small number of strains studied, formal proposals for these species should not be made until more strains of each taxon are studied. Furthermore, we consider “” and “” to be synonyms of ” to be a synonym of ” to be a synonym of , and “” to be a synonym of ,” and “” are not on the Approved Lists of Bacterial Names, but based on the results of this study, we consider these organisms distinct species. Therefore, these names are revived for the same organisms with which they were originally associated. The type strains of these species are strain 47001 (=ATCC 27023 =NCTC 10778), strain 02002 (=ATCC 27024 =NCTC 10779), strain 49005 (=ATCC 27280 =NCTC 10820), strain 48013 (=ATCC 27278 =NCTC 10819), and strain 47503 (=ATCC 27282 =NCTC 10821), respectively.


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