Strains of “atypical -like organisms” (ALLO) were studied by deoxyribonucleic acid homology. Strains WIGA (ALLO) and MI-15 (ALLO) were previously shown by Garrity et al. (G. M. Garrity, A. Brown, and R. M. Vickers, Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 609-614, 1980) to be related, and the name was proposed for them. We now show that strains NY-23 (ALLO) and TEX-KL are also closely related genetically. Studies with strain LS-13 demonstrate a lower, but significant, degree of homology of LS-13 with strains WIGA, MI-15, and NY-23, justifying inclusion of all of these strains in a single genus, distinct from . It is proposed, therefore, that because of phenotypic similarities and genetic relatedness, strains NY-23, TEX-KL, and LS-13 be classified as members of the genus , which also includes strains WIGA and MI-15. Because NY-23 and LS-13 are the type strains of and , respectively, we propose the transfer of these species to the genus as (Brenner et al.) comb. nov. and (Morris et al.) comb. nov.


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