A study was made of the morphology, cell wall chemotype, and phage susceptibility of ATCC 15676, the type strain of the species (Kalakoutskii and Kusnetsov, Mikrobiologiya :553–560, 1964). The spore chains produced by on its aerial mycelium are similar to those typical of streptomycetes. No spore vesicles (“sporangia”) were observed. Whole-cell hydrolysates contained -diaminopimelic acid. Phage activity spectra showed extensive cross-reactions between streptomycetes and ATCC 15676, whereas a phage propagated on this strain lysed a range of species. On the basis of these characteristics, the transfer of Kalakoutskii and Kusnetsov to the genus is proposed as (Kalakoutskii and Kusnetsov) comb. nov. The type strain of this taxon is ATCC 15676. An amended description of this species is given.


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