A deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)-DNA hybridization study was carried out to determine the taxonomic position of a new group of enterobacters (group H, Gavini et al. [Ann. Microbiol. (Inst. Pasteur) 127B:317-335, 1976]) previously studied by numerical taxonomy. The reassociation binding ratios with the group H strain ATCC 33072 ranged from 61 to 97%. With respect to DNA hybridization, this group, which represents a new species in the genus is closely related (49 to 66%) to . A difference in genome size between ATCC 33072 and Collection de l'Unité d'Écotoxicologie Microbienne (CUETM) 77-120 was observed after reciprocal binding: The genome of ATCC 33072 was 24% larger. was defined from phenotypic and genetic data. The type strain of is CUETM 77-118 (ATCC 33072).


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