Two acholeplasmas recovered from contaminated cell cultures or commercial fetal bovine serum were found to be similar in biochemical and serological properties. The organisms, although not requiring serum or cholesterol for growth, did require a supplement of 0.5% albumin and 10 μg of palmitic acid per ml to a serum-free medium for sustained growth in the absence of sterols. The growth of both organisms was inhibited in medium containing 20% horse serum, although smaller amounts of horse serum or 20% fetal bovine serum did not exert inhibitory effects. The two strains possessed biochemical properties typical of other non-sterol-requiring members of the , and they were serologically distinct from seven established species. On the basis of these findings and other morphological, biological, and serological properties of the organisms, it is proposed that these organisms represent a new species, . Strain 72–043 (=ATCC 33211) is the type strain.


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