DNA homology studies were performed with strains of Brenner et al., 1979, including the type strain, ATCC 33152, and a group of seven previously unclassified bacteria which resemble in growth characteristics and colonial morphology and by their content of large amounts of branched-chain fatty acids. The organisms studied include three isolates of the Pittsburgh pneumonia agent (PPA), TATLOCK, WIGA (ALLO), MI-15 (ALLO), and NY-23 (ALLO). The purified DNAs were labeled with P in vitro by a nick translation method, which made it possible to achieve very high specific activities. Results of our hybridization experiments suggest that these previously unclassified organisms are not related to at the genus level, and thus two new genera within the family are proposed for them: and . The type species of these genera are (Hebert et al., 1980) comb. nov. and sp. nov., respectively. The type strain of is strain TATLOCK (= ATCC 33218), and the type strain of is strain WIGA (= ATCC 33217).


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