When polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic profiles of soluble proteins of seven strains were compared with those of seven coryneform and coryneform-like species, the arthrobacters were delineated from the latter species. Comparisons were made from a composite gel by calculating similarity coefficients. When was used as a reference, similarity coefficients for the other species ranged from 20.7 to 34.5, but the similarity coefficients for the other genera tested were only 7.9 to 18.5. In addition to a separation of arthrobacters from other coryneforms by this method, and had a similarity coefficient of approximately 95, which set these two apart from the other species studied and furthermore suggested that they represent one species. Gel electrophoresis of soluble proteins may provide a good alternative to the use of rod to coccoid transition for identifying arthrobacters since it is faster and simpler to perform than chemical analyses of cell wall components.


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