The phytopathogenic bacterium which causes soft rot of the pseudostem of Linnaeus has been designated previously as subsp. subsp. , and . Thirty strains were examined and compared with strains of closely related species and their subspecies. The strains from were found to be phenotypically similar to strains on the basis of the following characteristics: pectate degradation; production of phosphatase, indole, acetoin, and acid from ethanol; growth at 36 to 37°C; susceptibility to erythromycin; gas from glucose; utilization of malonate; no growth in 5% NaCl; and no production of acid from α-methyl--glucoside, trehalose, maltose, lactose, or palatinose. They could be distinguished from 322 strains of isolated from 22 other plant hosts by the following phenotypic properties: production of acid from -arabinose and raffinose; utilization of sodium tartrate; no production of lecithinase or of acid from inulin, mannitol, or sorbitol; and inability to liquefy gelatin.


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