With respect to , serovar 6 should be transferred to ; serovar 5 should be divided into two subserovars, 5a and 5b, with antigenic formulas V:(4) and V:7, respectively; and serovar 3 should contain only two subserovars, 3a-III:(3,4),6 and 3b-III:(3,4),6,7,8. Concerning the six provisional serovars, serovar 2000-53 should be removed from the genus because it belongs to the genus , the position of serovar 1624-54 is still under consideration, serovars 3873-50 and 3341-55 should be placed in as serovars 11 and 12, respectively, and serovars 2710-54 and 3615-53 should be considered as members of serovars 16 and 17, respectively.


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