Antarctic soil samples collected by W. V. Vishniac contained (among other microbes) 98 isolates of undescribed, imperfect yeasts. These isolates clustered as 16 biotypes of greater than 90% similarity to each other but less than 90% similarity to all previously described yeast species. We propose to include all such isolates in the new species , named in honor of W. V. Vishniac. grows at 4°C and below but not at 26°C and above, is cream-colored in mass, lacks pseudomycelia, is nonfermentative, produces “amylose,” assimilates (at least) glucose, maltose, melezitose, trehalose, and xylose, and uses nitrate-N. The type strain, MTSW 304Y268 (= ATCC 36649), does not grow at 21 to 22°C or above and assimilates (additionally) -arabinose, -glucuronic acid, raffinose, -rhamnose (weakly), sucrose, succinate, and citrate.


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