Twelve treponemes with serpentine morphology were isolated from pigs and dogs and were compared with strain B78, the type strain of Harris et al. Nine of the 12 were isolated from cases of swine dysentery, and these were similar in characteristics to strain B78. The three other isolates were not enteropathogenic for swine and could be differentiated from the aforementioned nine isolates on the basis of enteropathogenicity, hemolytic pattern, deoxyribonucleic acid homology, fructose fermentation, and indole production. The morphological and metabolic characters of the 12 isolates and an emended description of strain B78, the type strain of , are presented in this report. Based on these data, the nonpathogenic types are regarded as belonging to a new species, . The type strain of is strain B256 (=ATCC 29796).


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