A comparative study was made of the molecular weights of the exo-β-glucanases (EC of species belonging to or to various other yeast genera. Their immunological distances were determined with the exo-β-glucanases from , and as references. The molecular sizes of the enzymes were estimated by polyacrylamide gel exclusion chromatography, and the immunological comparison was done by the microcomplement fixation technique. The molecular weights of the enzymes from ascomycetous species ranged from 24 x 10 to 63 x 10, but the majority of the species, including most species of , contained exo-β-glucanases with molecular weights between 35 x 10 and 45 x 10. Immunological identity was observed among the exo-β-glucanases from the following species: (reference species), , and ; closely related were (reference species), , and ; also closely related were (reference species), , and . The exo-β-glucanase from showed low degrees of homology with those from all tested species of . It was concluded from these data that ascospore shape has little significance in the phylogeny of this genus. Other evolutionary implications are discussed.


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