A novel member of the yeast genus was recovered three times in 1968 from slime exudates of in the state of Washington and in the province of British Columbia. The new species is named because of its specific habitat in exudates of alder trees. This species occurs naturally in the haploid condition. Upon mixing of compatible mating types, conjugation occurs, and up to four hat-shaped spores are produced in zygotes or in diploid cells arising from zygotes. resembles (syn.: ) but differs from it in habitat and in ability to grow at 37°C; furthermore, the deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of the former is approximately 1.5 mol% higher than that of the latter. The type strain of is UCD-FS&T 68-928A (= ATCC 36594 = CBS 6986). Its compatible mating type is UCD-FS&T 68-940 (= ATCC 36595 = CBS 6987).


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