It is recommended by the ICSB Subcommittee on the Taxonomy of that the organism originally named by Grimes and Hennerty be regarded as a member of the genus rather than and that the organism originally named by Paine and Stansfield be regarded as a member of the genus rather than . In these positions, the correct names of these organisms are (Grimes and Hennerty) Bascomb et al. and (Paine and Stansfield) Grimont et al., respectively. The Subcommittee also proposes the following strains as neotypes for their respective species: NCPPB 1846; NCPPB 2176; NCPPB 312; NCPPB 1850; NCPPB 2971; NCPPB 2519; NCPPB 2511; NCPPB 2295; NCPPB 2452; CDC 9005-74; ATCC 13182; ATCC 11296; ATCC 13883; ATCC 13884; ATCC 29906; ATCC 29944; ATCC 29914; ATCC 29903; and ATCC 29930.


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