Thirty-five nitrogen-fixing, hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria, all members of Baumgarten, Reh, and Schlegel 1974, and including the type strain of this species, were compared with 28 strains of coryneform bacteria by numerical taxonomy methods. The nitrogen-fixing hydrogen bacteria formed a well defined cluster; their similarity to the other strains tested was low, however. Furthermore, the chemotaxonomic characters of these strains excluded them from the coryneform bacteria. Therefore was reclassified, following the keys of (8th ed.) as a species of the family Although taxonomically close to and , the nitrogen-fixing, hydrogen-oxidizing bacteria are regarded as representing a new genus, for which we propose the name Baumgarten, Reh, and Schlegel is transferred to the new genus as (Baumgarten et al.) comb. nov.


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