In 1919, Paine and Stansfield attributed a leaf-spot disease of the tropical plant to This organism, placed at various times in the genera , and and now known as (Paine and Stansfield 1919) Dye 1966, is listed in the first (1976) draft of the Approved List of Bacterial Names. We demonstrate here—on the basis of biochemical properties, polynucleotide sequence relatedness, and pathobiological capacity—the identity of (i) the only strain (ATCC 19323 = Dye ZL1 = ICPB XP176 = NCPPB 245; here designated as the type strain of of still extant from the Paine and Stansfield study with (ii) biotype C1c. Based on the results of our study, we recommend the transfer of to the genus (Paine and Stansfield 1919) comb. nov. is to be regarded as a senior subjective synonym of (Grimes and Hennerty 1931) Bascomb et al. 1971.


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