Although the name has appeared in the literature, it has never been validly published. Supportive evidence is given for the transfer of Sompolinsky to the genus , and the name (Sompolinsky) comb. nov. is proposed. A description of this organism is given on the basis of a taxonomic analysis of 168 strains of this species isolated from swine with infectious epidermitis, from the skin and nares of healthy pigs and poultry, and from cows with mastitis. One hundred thirty-two strains which produced unpigmented colonies and a heat-stable nuclease were placed in the type subspecies subsp. subsp. nov. Thirty-six pigmented strains were placed in the subspecies subsp. subsp. nov. Strain NCTC 10350 (= CCM 2368 = ATCC 11249 = D. Sompolinsky no. 1) is here designated the type strain of and of subsp. , and strain NCTC 10530 (= A. C. Baird Parker CBCC 1462) is designated the type strain of subsp. A scheme for the differentiation of from certain other species is included.


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