This study is a measurement of the moles percent guanine plus cytosine of 34 strains of bacteria belonging or related to the genus All of the strains included in the sampling have been previously studied by numerical taxonomy, which has shown four new classes: H, H, H, and d. The average guanine-plus-cytosine contents for the defined species and of the new classes are: (10 strains), 54.5 mol% (standard deviation, 1.32); (5 strains), 48.1 mol% (standard deviation, 1.0); (syn. ) (1 strain), 52.4 mol% (standard deviation, 0.41); (1 strain), 50.9 mol% (standard deviation, 1.22); (1 strain), 53.5 mol% (standard deviation, 0.29); class H (5 strains), 52.2 mol% (standard deviation, 1.3); class H (5 strains), 53.4 mol% (standard deviation, 1.9); class H (5 strains), 54.2 mol% (standard deviation, 0.1); class d (1 strain), 52.6 mol% (standard deviation, 1.45). The importance of the guanine-plus-cytosine contents for discriminating defined species and new classes is discussed.


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