The neutral solvent-extractable lipids and the residual bound lipids of were analyzed. The major components of the extractable lipid fraction were phosphatidylethanolamine, cardiolipin, phosphatidylglycerol, and lysocardiolipin. The high cardiolipin content was a characteristic feature. Various fatty acids were detected in the extractable lipids, the major acids being hexadecanoic and octadecenoic. The fatty acid compositions of individual phospholipids were also determined. The fatty acids of the bound lipids, which differed distinctly from those of the extractable lipids, were mainly (80%) 3-hydroxy acids (3-hydroxydecanoic acid, 3-hydroxyundecanoic acid, 3-hydroxyisoundecanoic acid, 3-hydroxydodecanoic acid, and 3-hydroxypentadecanoic acid); the remainder (20%) were saturated fatty acids including dodecanoic acid and tridecanoic acid. The amino sugar in lipid A, which was the lipid fraction of the lipopolysaccharide, was identified as glucosamine. The present findings provide additional support for the recognition of as a distinct species of the genus , even though the strains placed in this species had long been accepted as members of and produce a bacteriocin active against phase I strains of


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