Extracts from 88 strains representing a wide variety of species were examined by zone electrophoresis, followed by specific stains for each of 11 enzyme activities, and were also analyzed for deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) buoyant density. Strains representing exhibited unique patterns of enzyme migrations for each species. Most strains of also displayed characteristic enzyme migration patterns for each species. However, one strain, KA63, resembled in DNA composition and enzyme types. It was previously reported to resemble in DNA-DNA homology. Another group of strains, which was homogeneous and distinctive in electrophoretic enzyme types, included two strains of B. subtilis subsp. niger and one of subsp. . Yet another group contained the type strains for , , and A second strain was quite different from that in the above-mentioned group or from any other strain examined. Strains of fell into two distinct biotypes according to the electrophoretic data; culturally, they comprised a homogeneous set. Representatives of , and were not distinguishable from by these data.


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