A total of 116 strains of (formerly ) recently isolated from sputa of patients with pulmonary disease were submitted to numerical classification together with 61 reference strains belonging to the genera , and The numerical classification was carried out by two methods, one using 109 characters and another using 98 characters. Almost similar results were obtained by these two methods, and the following clusters were distinguished: (i) (synonym: ); (ii) sp. nov.; (iii) (synonym: ); (iv) (synonym: ); (v) (synonym: ); (vi) (synonym: ); (vii) strains received from M. Ridell; (viii) ; (ix) ; (x) Clusters i to vii were combined into one large cluster, which was considered as the genus (synonym: ). In addition, two (method I) or four (method II) new clusters could be observed among the cluster Thus, it was considered that the organisms form a genus that contains a number of species. and were incorporated into the cluster of (), and were considered to be reduced to varieties of the species The largest one of the new clusters was named sp. nov. Tsukamura. Its definition is presented in this study. A proposal of changing the generic name from to was made.


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