A numerical taxonomic study was carried out to establish: (i) the relationship of freshly isolated, oxidase-negative, vibrio-like organisms to strains listed in certain culture collections as and ; (ii) the relationship of all these oxidase-negative organisms to the genus and related organisms. Eighty-three strains were tested for their abilities to grow on 49 compounds as the sole organic source of carbon, their fermentation of carbohydrates, and their production of extracellular enzymes; various physiological tests were also carried out. In all, 130 characters were determined for each strain. The collection of strains were of and species, certain other possibly related organisms, and 40 oxidase-negative organisms from a wide range of habitats. It was concluded that all of the oxidase-negative, vibrio-like strains except one belong to the species Gamaleia 1888 ( Buchner 1885; biotype Shewan and Veron 1974). The lectotype is NCTC 8443.


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