Fifteen strains of alleged to produce antibiotics belonging to the aureolic acid group, some of which are useful as antitumor agents, were compared taxonomically with subsp. strain AUW-83, a strain which produces chromomycin antibiotics. Of these strains, ATCC 23869, ATCC 17757, and subsp. strain AUW-83 are type strains. None of the strains were regarded as similar enough to strain AUW-83 to be placed in subsp. Bristol's sp. C-14795, a chromomycin-producing strain which has not been previously reported in the literature, and ATCC 23869 appear to be different strains of the same species; the same is true of no. 7 and sp. KCC S-1081 and of F.D. no. 6590 and sp. M-198. However, to establish the identities and taxonomic relationships of these 15 strains, further studies involving direct comparisons with type and/or neotype strains of closely related nomenspecies will be required.


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