Names are proposed for divisions, classes, and some orders of bacteria. The kingdom Murray 1968 is divided into three divisions: divisio nov., divisio nov., and Edward and Freundt 1967, for organisms having, respectively, a gram-negative cell wall, a gram-positive cell wall, and no cell wall. comprises the class classis nov. for organisms having a phototrophic metabolism and classis nov. for those having a nonphototrophic metabolism. is divided into two subclasses: subclassis nov. for organisms that carry out an aerobic phototrophic metabolism, using water as an electron donor and producing oxygen, and subclassis nov. for those that have an anaerobic phototrophic metabolism. comprises the orders ordo nov. (formerly blue-green algae) and Lewin 1977. contains the order Pfennig and Trüper 1971 and ordo nov. The possible need of a fourth division to include organisms that have a rigid cell wall but do not contain peptidoglycan is noted. The name proposed for such a division is , that is, organisms having a cell wall with faults and blemishes.


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