The type strains of the three currently recognized species of the genus Ørskov 1928 ( Ørskov, strain ATCC 25396; , strain BKM 859; and Raj, strain ATCC 23276), together with strains apparently belonging to each species, were examined to determine their taxonomic relationships. There were many differences between the type strains in their morphological and physiological characteristics as well as in the guanine-plus-cytosine (G+C) contents of their deoxyribonucleic acids (DNAs). Therefore, we propose to split the genus into three genera, each containing a single species. , the type species of , remains as the only species in the genus. It is characterized by the formation of cellular rings which are produced when the ends of the curved cells overlap. It is nonpigmented and is respiratory in its metabolism; the G+C content of its DNA ranges from 66.3 to 68.4 mol%. ATCC 22376 and three similar strains were found to possess characters in agreement with those given in the original description of , and they were placed in that species. The name Raj 1970 thus becomes a later subjective synonym of (Eisenberg 1891) Migula 1894. This species is characterized by the formation of wavy and coiled filaments, yellow pigmentation on (MS) agar, and respiratory metabolism. The G+C content of its DNA ranges from 51.0 to 52.9 mol%. Strain DSM 74 is designated as the neotype strain of BKM 859 and one similar strain were placed in a new genus, (Gromov) comb, nov., the type species, is composed of rods which are straight to curved, the degree of curvature varying among individual cells within a culture. The cells may form long, sinuous filaments and rings. Colonies on MS agar are pale pink to rose-colored. Metabolism is respiratory, and the G+C content of its DNA ranges from 39.5 to 40.3 mol%. The type strain of is strain BKM 859.


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