It is proposed to confer species rank to the genetically distinct streptococci that have been considered subspecies of Clarke: subsp. Coykendall, subsp. Coykendall, and subsp. Coykendall. is defined to exclude phenotypically similar bacteria that have deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) guanine plus cytosine contents appreciably different from 36 to 38 mol% and/or that do not demonstrate DNA base-sequence homology with the type strain. Streptococci that resemble but that are quite disparate in molecular constitution are here regarded as comprising four new species: (Coykendall) comb. nov., (Coykendall) comb. nov., (Coykendall) comb. nov., and sp. nov. NCTC 10449 is here designated as the neotype strain of . The type strains of , and are FA1 (= ATCC 19645), HS6 (= ATCC 19642), SL1, and 8S1, respectively. Simple biochemical tests serve to identify most strains of all five species. Serological procedures are capable of differentiating most human isolates.


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