The genetic relatedness of some nonmotile, ring-forming bacteria was determined by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) base composition and base sequence homology experiments. It is proposed that four gas vacuolate strains with DNA base compositions of 67.1 to 68.8 mol% guanine plus cytosine (G + C) be placed in Nonmotile vibrioid bacteria of 51% G + C ( Raj and spirosoma strains 1 and 2) were found to be more closely related to one another than to , and it is suggested that the taxonomic position of be reconsidered in relation to the genus . None of the nonmotile ring-forming strains were found to be related to two A motile variant of a gas vacuolated strain of was isolated, indicating that immotility is a questionable taxonomic criterion for inclusion in the genus


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