Bacterial leaf spot of , first reported by Takimoto in 1930, was recently found in Japan, and the causal agent was studied taxonomically. The pathogen was assigned to the “ group.” The bacterium attacked , producing small, dark-brown spots on leaves as well as shoot blight. Japanese pear, peach, apple, plum, Japanese apricot, and chestnut trees could not be infected. The new isolates differed from in gelatin liquefaction and in ability to produce acid from xylose, mannose, cello-biose, glycerol, mannitol and to utilize formate. The new isolates are regarded as belonging to a new species, for which the name is proposed. Strain AM1 (= NCPPB 2851) is designated as the type strain. differs from (sic) Takimoto, 1930, the validity of which is considered doubtful.


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