A new genus, Kingella, was recently proposed by Henriksen and Bøvre (1976) to accomodate the species previously named We propose the inclusion of two further catalase-negative, oxidase-positive, saccharolytic species in this genus: sp. nov., comprising the saccharolytic strains described by van Bijsterveld (1970) and Sutton et al. (1972), type strain NCTC 10717, and sp. nov., comprising strains of the TM1 group described by Hollis et al. (1972), type strain NCTC 10995. The range of the guanine plus cytosine contents of the deoxyribonucleic acids from the three species in the genus is 47.3 to 54.8 mol%. Two other catalase-negative, oxidase-positive species, and , differed in phenotypic characters and in deoxyribonucleic acid base composition from the species.


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