A novel representative of the yeast genus has been recovered 11 times during 1968, 1971, and 1972. We regard this organism as belonging to a new species, , with two varieties: var. , the type variety; and var. Strains of both varieties were found in tree exudates but were geographically separated. var. was isolated from slime exudates and flux-wetted soil of trees on the island of Hawaii (six strains), whereas var. was found in fluxes or insect borings of various trees in the state of Washington, and in the province of British Columbia, Canada (five strains). var. differs from var. by its slower fermentation rate, weak ability to utilize glycerol, and higher maximum temperature for growth. The type strain of var. is UCD-FST 71-102 (=ATCC 32651 = CBS 6644), and that of var. is UCD-FST 68-979B1 (= ATCC 24185 = CBS 6836).


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