The isolation and properties of 42 phages active against strains AC2, C19, AC12, AC48, S-1, S-3, and KA4A are described. The phages are divided into 12 groups according to host range and serology. Phages in groups I through IX are lytic for strain AC48 but not for AC2 or C19; those in groups I through VIII are also lytic for strains S-1 and S-3. Phages in groups X through XII are lytic only for strains AC2 and C19. Six strains are sensitive to one or more of these phages. The phages have no activity on strains of the 54 bacterial species, other than caulobacters, tested. Taxonomic implications are discussed. Mitomycin C treatment of the strains failed to induce any temperate phages but did induce three lytic activities.


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